Sarasota International Coastal Regatta

Date et heure

  • Event Dates20-24 novembre 2019
  • Heure de début8 h 00 Heure de l'Est


  • SiteSouth Lido Beach
  • Adresse2201 Benjamin Franklin Dr
  • VilleSarasota, FL, United States

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Coastal Rowing Races generally start with a foot sprint from a beach start / finish line to the boats in the water. Rowers then race on a single course which works its way out to sea and back around a series of buoy turns. Rowers beach the boat and run to the finish line to conclude the race. Heat races are typically 4K, and finals are 6K in length.

Event Date: November 20 – 24, 2019
Event Location: South Lido Beach, Sarasota, FL. (Either Gulf Side or Bay Side depending on conditions in the Gulf)
Race Classes: CW1X, CM1X, CW2X, CM2X, CMix2X, CW4X+, CM4X+, CMix4X+, Open Class.
Register By: TBA
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Chief Referee John Wik
Rules will be modified FISA Coastal Rowing Rules